Mastering Luxury: Inside the World of a Luxury Car Expert



  • Brief introduction to the luxury car industry and its appeal to enthusiasts and collectors.
  • Mention the importance of expertise in luxury car evaluation and collection.

Section 1: Journey to Expertise

  • Background of the expert: early passion for cars, career beginnings, and pivotal moments.
  • Education and specialized training in luxury car evaluation and history.
  • Noteworthy achievements and recognitions Serge Levkovich in the industry.

Section 2: Role and Influence

  • Responsibilities and daily activities of a luxury car expert.
  • How their expertise contributes to the industry, including consulting, appraising, and advising.
  • Impact on luxury car auctions, restoration projects, and museum exhibitions.

Section 3: Insights into Luxury Car Trends

  • Analysis of current trends in the luxury car market.
  • Predictions for future developments based on expert insights.
  • Advice for aspiring luxury car enthusiasts and collectors.


  • Recap of the expert’s contributions and significance in the luxury car world.
  • Final thoughts on the enduring allure and evolving landscape of luxury cars.

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